How to Apply for Funding

To apply, you can submit a grant application through the state’s online grant management portal. Applications are accessible within the portal only during a program’s application period. Information on program application dates is available on the Available Funding Opportunities page.

To help you successfully access the portal and submit and manage your grant applications, carefully review what you will need to do before, during, and after submitting your application(s).

Note: Public Safety grant program applications will be available on the MO Department of Public Safety’s website this summer.

For questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Before I Apply

Gather required documentation

Note: All applicants except for beneficiaries will need to enter their id.

A beneficiary is an entity that is the final recipient of grant funds and does not further pass through funds for programs or services. A beneficiary may be a household, community, small business, non-profit, or impacted industry. For example, a beneficiary would be an individual, small business or non-profit that receives a grant to pay their rent or utilities.

Create a MO Login account and register your entity in the Grant Management Portal

Submitting My Application

Access the Grant Management Portal by entering your account information

Note: The State of Missouri requests that, whenever possible, all applications be submitted via the ARPA Grant Management Portal. If you require a mail-in application, please contact us.

Use the portal to complete your application and upload additional documentation.

Note: supplemental forms and application instructions for grant programs become available on or just before each program’s application window.


Review the FAQ/Contact Us page

After Submitting My Application

Log back on to the portal for messages regarding the status of your application.